If you havent f*cked in these 7 places, your sex life is probably trash

Any exhibitionist will tell you that the thrill of public sex isn’t the two people involved. You’re not going to explore his third hole in the backseat of a Hyundai.

Being an exhibitionist combines desire and opportunity to create excitement. When two people, faced with the same risk of being caught, can throw caution to the wind and share an experience, the nut gets intense regardless of how deep he goes, or how bomb the stroke is.

Exhibitionism, interestingly enough, is an exercise in being present. I can attest, public sex with a punk ass’d bottom or top who is too worried about being caught is the pits. Not because he isn’t good at what he does, but because he can’t step outside of himself long enough to realize we’re in the same boat. We’re taking the same risks.

Public sex, just like any entanglement or relationship, gets lit when two people are equally engaged in taking the same risks with eachother. There is a level of trust and vulnerability that happens when you open the door or step outside.

When you and your partner, the hook-up, or the fuck boy on the app are ready to take a risk, these 7 spots are lit lit.

The park with other people watching

This is usually how an exhibitionist starts his journey into fetish life. He goes to the local park and pulls his dick out. When he realizes nothing bad happens, then he’ll touch another’s dick or ass. Then he may suck or get sucked. And things gradually escalate until he’s bent over a park bench at the baseball diamond.

Public sex is a combination of risk and reward. Everybody taking a risk of being naked, entangling, in public together is like the passing the same poppers for all of us to sniff. It makes the whole experience better.

The parking lot

Have you ever looked into somebody’s car when you’re leaving the mall. Probably not. But I guarantee you notice that one lone car sitting way out in the parking lot.

When you’re going to entangle in a car, the key is to park where every other car is parked. Nobody will think twice about somebody in a parking spot where they expect a car to be. Make yourself inconspicuous. All you really need is 20 minutes anyway.

During inclement weather

It’s MLK weekend here in Atlanta and the weather decided to act the fool. Somewhere someone is forced to bundle up and drop their pants just enough to get the job done because their homeboy is sleep in the hotel room.

There is a reason why Jamal is smiling when you woke up from your nap. He just felt the warmth of a man on this cold January night.

The bathroom of a family member’s house

Fucking around family can only be attributed to one of two reasons. Either (1) bae has turned you on so much that you need his release or (2) family has frustrated you so deeply that you need your own release. Every other scenario usually will take you away from the cookout.

I have had a significant other home for the holidays. Him bringing me a plate with the big piece of chicken did something to me. And I’ve lived with family to where, if I don’t get this nut out, I will lose my pleasing personality all over auntie and her fly ass’d mouth.

A movie theater during the movie

The next Marvel movie comes out and you’re dying to see it, but bae’s hands start wandering. You’re faced with so many questions: can we do this and not get caught? If we get caught, will I care? Am I prepped? Is he prepped? But the movie though…

The best part of sex during the feature presentation is that we are both sacrificing this thing we want for each other. We can turn off our intrigue about the movie and give ourselves to each other. Take the risk of doing it in public, appreciate the sacrifice, and give in to temptation…then go to the theater across the hall and watch the next showing. Hopefully we’ll make it through that one.

A moving vehicle

Have you ever had your dick sucked while driving? When done correctly, it’s a constant negotiation. The sucker is trusting that you won’t crash the car. He’ll probably have to shift you back to drive from neutral if he leans the wrong place. And the suckee has to drive the car, keep watch (if needed) and stay focused enough to get his nut.

If the two people can stay present, sucker keeps his head down, suckee keeps his eyes open, and they both focus on the tasks at hand, everyone will get what came for, or cum for what they got, depending on how you think about it.

Bulldogs Dancefloor

In every club, people are expected to be doing something illicit in the bathroom. There’s s something about trying to find privacy that makes everything look sus. But when you’re bold enough to do it in the middle of everything, nobody looks twice. Such is the case with Bulldogs—the one club that everybody has hated pop on at least once, but we always end up at.

When the beat drops, we’re all in there grinding on each other. The motion of bodies is expected. It’s s only a couple quick adjustments before a dick is in an ass and everybody’s happy. #IYKYK

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