7 Tweets that Only Black Gay Boys Will Laugh At

Do you know how hard it is scrolling through a gay boys twitter to find something clever? It’s not really that difficult because Black gay boys are the sh*t. But filtering through all the Twitter porn, resisting the temptation to engage, and trying not to simultaneously log into a hook-up is hardAF. At any rate, here are some tweets that only we will get.

1. Know your worth, boo. You’re dope.

2. It’s Britney, b*tch

3. Watch your step. It get slippery around here.

4. Height-fish? Gay boys ain’t never been that good at measuring sh*t no way. What’s a 10 to some is just an 8 to another.

5. Working remotely

6. Normalize enthusiastic consent.

7. All my life I had to fight…

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