Jai Makokha Makes Directorial Return with New Series on iElevate+ TV

VERS Creative Director, Jai Makokha, marks his screenwriter and directorial return with a new web series, NTNGLMNT. Coming to iElevate+ TV this fall, the series will be his first television credit in more than 10 years.

📸 iElevate + TV Atlanta launch, 2021

Makokha began his work as a writer on his widely known blog, MYFUNNYNAME.com. He gained international recognition with his commentary on Black gay life, sex, and culture. Since, the writer has remained off the scene until the launch of his newest venture, VERS.

VERS, a media house focusing on Black, gay stories, started as a blog, but with creation of NTNGLMNT marks its expansion into television and new media. “I’m excited about what we’re doing at VERS. The stories and shows these creators are bringing this fall are really inspiring,” says Makokha at last night’s iElevate+ TV launch.

NTNGLMNT follows Blake, a relationship-obsessed Black gay man, and his success-driven best friend, Que, as they deal with the ups-and-downs of life and love in the Black gay capital of the world. Set in Atlanta, the show goes into production this summer for release on the iElevate+ TV platform fall 2021.

Why This Matters

iElevate+ TV is the brainchild of Bishop and United Progressive Pentecostal Church founder, Oliver Clyde Allen, III. While the network seems to not boast specific religious programming in its first slate, Allen prides himself on creating a platform to tell unfiltered Black queer stories.

Makokha and Allen at the iElevate + Launch in Atlanta, GA

Launching fall 2021 on Roku, AppleTV and iElevateplustv.com, the platform joins the ranks SlayTV, Signal 23 and others to bring Black gay stories to life. Ranging from reality television to talk and unscripted series, to scripted drama, iElevate + will be the home of titles such as With Intent and From the Ashes.

NTNGLMNT, the first production from the VERS content house, will be the second title on the iElevate platform featuring VERS founder, Jai Makokha. The first is With Intent where Makokha is a cast member on the reality style dating show, learning the ins-and-outs of dating intentionally. Both titles premier fall 2021.

The cast of With Intent (from l to r) Jai Makokha, Kissa Jo, Brandon-Jamal, Q Vinson, Jiger Allen, Toia Johnson and Diamond.

For more information on iElevate +, visit iElevateplustv.com.

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