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[PODCAST] I suck at “checking the vibe”

[PODCAST] I suck at “checking the vibe”

Have you ever been chatting with a potential and they hit you with the “let’s just check the vibe”. WhatTF does that even mean?

I pride myself on being an amazing conversationalist. But my abilities to engage come directly from knowing where to lead this dialogue. If I’m interviewing someone, I have a piece of information I’m trying to gather. If I’m on a date, I have a feeling or a level of interest I’m trying to communicate. But when someone hits me with the “let’s check the vibe”, I’m thinking, “you tryna fuck or na?”

One this episode of Dear Black Gay Men Podcast, I talk about Joe and how he wanted to check the vibe. What happened between us and what I learned from it. Spoiler Alert: Joe is no longer a thing.

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